About Us

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Henderson Kentucky Education Foundation is to support, promote, and enhance educational opportunities for the residents of Henderson County.


To establish a flourishing Henderson community where every person has equal educational opportunities to reach their potential.


Driven by a belief that education is fundamental to successful communities, the Henderson Kentucky Education Foundation supports and advocates for excellent and diverse educational opportunities for every person in Henderson County.

Case Statement

When you choose to support the Henderson Kentucky Education Foundation, you are providing innovative educational opportunities for the children, students, and residents in Henderson County.

The Henderson Kentucky Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that collaborates within the Henderson County Community  to enhance educational opportunities for residents. The organization was originally named the Educational Foundation for Excellence in Henderson County, Incorporated, and was started in 1989 to address a financial need in the Henderson County School District. This Foundation successfully raised substantial funds to obtain a matching grant for the purpose of installing computer labs in all Henderson County schools. Due to these efforts, students’ access to computers certainly had an important and positive impact on education in Henderson County! Since then, the Foundation has supported other projects such as the purchase and use of Wi-fi hotspots during the pandemic to allow students to join class virtually and stay engaged in learning. The Education Foundation also serves as the local affiliate for the Imagination Library Program in Henderson County and supports innovative learning in area classrooms through grant funding.

In 2019, the Foundation revitalized due to a bequest from the Leo and Mary Winchester Estate and sought ways to assist the school district. . A governing nine- member board was established and organization by – laws were updated to carry out the work of the Education Foundation. Since 2021, the Foundation has added a Director of Development, established three committees; Marketing and Public Relations, Fundraising, and Funding Allocation and has enlisted 12 community members to complete committee work along with board members. The Marketing and Public Relations Committee proposed, and the board approved, the Foundation’s name change to the Henderson Kentucky Education Foundation in order to clarify the area served by the Foundation.

Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.

– Marian Wright Edelman

The goal of the Henderson Kentucky Education Foundation is to increase public awareness concerning the needs of our students and to invite community involvement in meeting these needs in order to improve the overall well-being and advancement of Henderson and Henderson County. During the 2020-2021 school year, the Education Foundation collaborated with the Henderson County School District to spearhead virtual learning for students when the pandemic kept local schools closed.  The group sponsored a $70,000 project to provide Wi-Fi hotspots for student households without adequate internet access to enable virtual learning for all students.

Currently, the Henderson Kentucky Education Foundation is collaborating with civic organizations to promote and provide additional educational opportunities and materials for students in the Henderson County School District by offering classroom mini grants. During this school year, the Foundation awarded $10,000 in grant funds to teachers for classroom curriculum materials and supplies. Continued efforts will be made to collaborate with school leaders to determine how and where community funding can best contribute to the success of students.